Customer agrees to pay for all damages to P3 Entertainment’s equipment caused by the negligence of customer and/or any event guest.  Customer must inspect equipment prior to the start of the event to assure it is all in working order and free from any damages.

Any cancellation must be made no longer than 60 days prior to the date of the scheduled occasion.  In the event that such cancellations are made within 60 days of the scheduled event, the scheduling party will lose the deposit and any additional payments made will be refunded.  All deposits are non-refundable. The 60-day period allows us a fair and reasonable time period to possibly gain back a booking for the date, as we will have turned away other potential customers while holding your reservation. 
In the event that there is an act of God (rain, tornado, fire etc..) and the event must be rescheduled, the rescheduling shall be at the discretion of P3 Entertainment. Any future rescheduled date must be checked for availability before P3 Entertainment agrees to such date. 
If in the event of an emergency and P3 Entertainment is unable to provide the services on that date, then the deposit and any payments paid will be refunded.
There shall be no discounts or refunds given in the event that the occasion is finished earlier than the time period contracted.